Tourist Offices

Valbonne Tourist Office

Tel: +33 (0)4 92 92 95 26     Address: 7 Bis Rue Pontis 06560 VALBONNE

Places to visit

Place des Arcades

Place des Arcades is the center of Valbonne. A must see, and a must live. The atmosphere is really pleasant, lots of shops and restaurants creating a year round vibrant atmosphere. 

Art Gallery Ada Loumani

Ada Loumani, international glass-blower working in Valboone, specialises in glass blowing using the "Grail Technique". Loumani combines art work, technical competence and great energy.

Valbonne's Abbey

This Abbey was built in 123, by the monks of the Chalais Order. Living in the Alps, chalaisian monks constructed the abbey closer to the coast to enable them to house thier livestock during the winter months. 320 years later, the village of Valbonne was born. 


Victoria Golf Club

Tel: +33 (0) 4 93 12 23 26      Email:


The Victoria Golf Club is popular for its 9 technical and hilly holes, allowing the player to express his technical panel to negotiate narrow passages. At 1475, Chemin du Val Martin, Domaine du Val Martin 06560 Valbonne.

Golf of Opio-Valbonne

Tel: +33 (0) 4 93 12 00 08       Email: opio


The Opio-Valbonne Golf is a splendid 18-hole located between Cannes, Nice and Grasse. Designed by Donald Harradine in 1966 and updated in 2002 by the architect Robert Berthet, showcasing a rich vegetation and mature trees. On the Road of Roquefort-les-Pins 06650 Opio.


Lou Cigalon

Tel:+33(0)4 93 12 01 61     Email:     Address: 6 Boulevard Carnot 06560 Valbonne


Lou Cigalon is "the" gastronomic restaurant of Valbonne, where Chef Thierry Chambaud operates his kitchen to serve sophisticated meals. Chef Chambaud learnt from his collaboration with Ducasse and Chibois, before taking this restaurant along with his wife. High standards in a warmth atmosphere. Price: High

L'Auberge Provençale

Tel:+33(0)4 93 12 29 73     Email:     Address: 17 Rue Emile Pourcel 06560 Valbonne


Situated on the Place des Arcades, it feels good sitting down on the terrace. The Chef Joao Duarte works the traditionnal mediterreanean cuisine with modernism. Price: Medium

Le Coin de la Rue

Tel:+33(0)4 93 12 24 12     Address: 8, Rue Saint Bernardin, 06560 Valbonne


In the village of Valbonne, a young chef builds an immaginative kitchen, while working traditional local products. A beautiful cullinaire expertise, a cozy atmosphere ... you will have a great time.